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Elegant Twins School of Cosmetology is an internationally recognized Beauty school providing world-class Beauty training and hair styling. The same excellence in education is provided in massage therapy training, skin care and nail care. After almost 56 years in business Elegant Twins is one of the best places to receive professional Beauty training in the country. As a result, our cosmetology school and Beauty college graduates consistently land the best entry-level jobs in the industry with many opening their own salons and Beauty Clinics!

If you are looking for the best cosmetology school, Beauty academy, massage therapy training, esthiology, make up and nail technology program, look no farther than Elegant Twins School of Cosmetology . Compared to any other standard Beauty academy, Elegant Twins School of Cosmetology differs dramatically by providing spacious classrooms and training areas. More than 15,000 square feet of classroom and clinical space teach students the art of Beauty and cosmetology techniques, hands-on massage therapy applications, and related training in esthiology, make up and nail care technology. The professional environment is both educationally stimulating and personally enjoyable. The institute area boasts of new state-of-the-art equipment. The cosmetology clinic floor is equipped with the latest design hair-styling stations. Our massage therapy clinic is a modern, soothing spa-like setting. You will enjoy taking cosmetology Beauty courses, massage therapy and our related programs in our first-class artistic institution!

Elegant Twins School of Cosmetology is located at the hub of Surulere, Lagos Nigeria. Surulere has been voted one of the Top 10 best cities in the country to live in according to NTA, and several magazines. Uniquely, this Beauty school has many students in attendance from surrounding states. Our international students come from neighbouring Africa Countries. We offer affordable dormitory facilities for our students who like or enjoy dorms to further enrich their campus experience. Other housing options are available. Attending Elegant Twins will be one of the best experiences of your life.

Elegant Twins School of Cosmetology
, the doyen of Beauty Culture in Nigeria. Beauty school, Beauty school, and more Beauty schools ... how can I decide?

Our Cosmetology & Hairdressing, Massage therapy, Esthiology (Skin care/Therapy), Make up and Nail technology programs are all in one choice training centre.

It has always been your dream, hasn't it? Call us TODAY to learn how you can begin a fun and creative career!

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